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Should you be drinking or investing your whiskey?


6th May 2021

Besides being many people’s favourite beverage, whiskey can also be a great addition to your investment portfolio.


Co-founder of Whiskey & Wealth Club, William Fielding writes for YourMoney.com, detailing how to diversify your investment portfolio and the future of cask whiskey.

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Whiskey sour? Makers face hangover from trade dispute

Fox Business

22nd March 2021

American whiskey has become collateral damage in Trump-era tariff disputes with Europe, and the business for distillers could become even more painful unless their entanglement in the trans-Atlantic trade fight is resolved soon.


William Fielding, co-founder of Whiskey & Wealth Club, whose clients are able to access the exclusive world of wholesale cask whiskey with the complete package of turnkey ownership, told Fox Business the current tariffs aren’t necessarily bad for business.

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Whiskey & Wealth Club Sees Increase in Spend as Investors Move Away From Stocks

Global Banking & Finance Review

2nd March 2020

In March alone investors put £1.1 million into cask whiskey through wholesale company, Whiskey & Wealth Club. With just over 62 pallets sold in the companys second most successful month to date.


Co-founder of Whiskey & Wealth Club, William Fielding says, “As the markets continue to tumble, with dividends being suspended, now is a great time to secure wealth in other forms of asset-based investments.” Read More

Whiskey Investment company reports successful March

Whiskey Experts

2nd March 2020

Der Whiskey & Wealth Club sieht, so schreibt das Unternehmen in seiner heutigen Presseaussendung, größere Investitionen von Privatpersonen, da immer mehr Anleger versuchen, ihre Wetten gegen die zusammenbrechenden Finanzmärkte abzusichern.


William Fielding, Mitbegründer des Whiskey & Wealth Club, sagt: We have seen an increase in investors over the last few months due to market fluctuations.” Read More

Whisky & Wealth Club Expands Into Scotch Whisky With Historic Distillery Partnership


11th October 2019

Whisky & Wealth Club launched with casks of Irish whiskey last year and achieved €4 million revenue in its first six months, it expects to hit €10 million revenue by the end of 2019. Next year, Whisky & Wealth Club projects a turnover of €24 million.


William Fielding, COO and co-founder at Whisky & Wealth Club: “Bladnoch is the perfect distillery partner for our Scotch launch, the distillery estate is world renowned which will add to the value of the casks as they mature. This is a really exciting time for the whisky market and the reception we’ve had from investors has been phenomenal.” Read More

Whisky & Wealth Club Expands Into Scotch Whisky With Historic Distillery Partnership


11th October 2019

Whisky & Wealth Club recently partnered with Bladnoch Distillery to expand into the Scotch market.


Insider reported on Whiskey & Wealth Club’s move into Scotch Whisky having entered a partnership with Lowland Distillery Bladnoch. William Fielding COO and Co-Founder commented “We’re thrilled to be entering the Scotch market after our successful launch with cask Irish whiskey less than a year ago”. Read More

Whiskey & Wealth Club: Finalist at the Growing Business Awards


29th September 2019

Whiskey & Wealth Club has established a close rapport with their distillery partners and demonstrated profitable growth and sustainability. In September Growing Business Awards selected Whiskey & Wealth Club as a finalist for their Growing Business Awards 2019.


Will Fielding commented “We have over 40 years of combined experience in the drinks industry and have created strong and trusted relationships with many of Ireland’s and Scotland’s distilleries.  Read More