Co-Founder and COO of Whiskey & Wealth Club

“We’re thrilled to be entering the Scotch market after our successful launch with cask Irish whiskey”

William Fielding is the COO and co-founder of Whiskey & Wealth Club.
With 20 years’ experience in the mortgage and investment management industry, William oversees operations, compliance and risk within the business.


Previous business interests include a local business directory firm. It has since grown from one person to 500 people across five countries.


He’s passionate about opening opportunities for investors in the whiskey sector. Distillers and blenders have for years achieved returns from whiskey maturation, but the Whiskey & Wealth Club is changing that so that private investors can own a part of this rich tradition.


The company creates relationships with distillers and bonders to buy whiskey at special rates using strategic partnerships and economies of scale. These savings are then passed on to investors, offering an opportunity to purchase premium casks of whiskey, stored in bonded and insured warehouses.


Whiskey & Wealth Club founders have have created strong and trusted relationships with many of Ireland’s and Scotland’s distilleries including West Cork and Boann.


Outside of work, William enjoys spending time with his four kids